65JL-Y Round Corner Powder Packing Machine


65JL-Y 圆角粉剂 发.jpg


1. The machine is suitable for the food, medicine, chemical industry, cosmetics industry of powder of measurement packing.

2. All the works of bag making,measuring,filling,sealing,cutting and counting can be done automatically,at the same time,it can also according to the demand of customers printing batch number and other functions.

3. The touch screen operation, PLC control, servo motor to control the bag length,stable performance,easy to adjust and accurate detection.Choose the intelligent temperature controller and PID control to ensure the error range of temperature controlled within 1 degree Centigrade.

4. Packing material: BOPP/Polyethylene, Aluminium/Polyethylene, Paper/Polyethylene, Polyester/Aluminizer/Polyethylene, Nylon/CPP and so on.

Sealing Type: Three sides sealing/ Back sealing.

Technical Parameters:

Measuring Scope: 1 - 20 g (2.6 - 60 ml);

Packing Speed: 30 - 60 bags/min;

Bag Size: L: 30 - 180 mm, W: 20 - 75 mm;   

Dimension (L * W * H): 850 * 1100 * 1900 mm;

Weight: 400 kg;

Total Power: 220V / 50Hz / 1.4kw.