GD8-200 Pre-made bag rotary packing machine


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Performance Features:
■ can be intelligent to detect whether the open bag and open the bag is complete, in the case of improper feeding without feeding is not heat sealing, do not waste the bag, the user can save considerable cost.
■ The working speed of the machine can be within the specified range by the frequency control device at random adjustable.
■ equipped with advanced German Siemens PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface operation more convenient.
■ overload protection, safety devices. In the machine work pressure anomalies or heating pipe failure automatically alarm tips.
■ can achieve double feeding, solid-liquid addition, different liquid addition can be.
■ The width of each group can be automatically adjusted control, suitable for different width of the bag.
■ In some components with imported tolerances plastic bearings, without refueling, to reduce the pollution of food.
■ The whole machine in contact with the bag or material parts are made of stainless steel and other materials in line with the requirements of food processing, food processing industry in line with the health standards, safe and reliable.
■ We can choose different weighing instruments to weigh the material, can be packaged in a wide range, applicable to liquid, sauce, particles, powder, irregular lumps and other materials packaging.
■ use of prefabricated product packaging bags, perfect pattern, good sealing effect, finished high grade.
■ can be packaged multi-layer composite film, single layer PE, PP and other materials made of prefabricated bags, paper bags, a wide range of packaging.
■ Vacuum generator, clean and hygienic.

main technical parameters:

ModelGD8-200 type to the bag automatic packaging machine
Mechanical stationSix / Eight-working position
Machine weight1100Kg / 1200Kg
Bag materialComposite film, PE, PP, etc. Laminated flim, PE, PP etc
Bag typeFree bag, flat bag (three side seal, four side seal, bag, zipper bag)
Stand-up, flat
Bag sizeGD8-200 W: 100-210mm L: 100-350mm
GD6-300 W: 200-300mm L: 210-450mm
Packaging speed≤ 60 packets / min (the speed determined by the material itself and fill the weight)
≤ 60pouches / min (the speed depends on the product status and filling weight)
Voltage380V three - phase 50HZ / 60HZ 380V 3phase 50HZ / 60HZ
Total power4KW
Compressed air consumption0.6m3 / min (provided by the user supply by user)