420/520 Automatic vacuum blister packing machine


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Automatic vacuum blister packing machine is applied to anti-corrosion and moisture-proof vacuum packaging of food, medicine, electronics and etc.

Adopt full set of Mitsubishi HMI, PLC and serve control system. With easier operation, higher precision and lower failure rate.
Optical tracking system adopt imported three color sensor, which can sense all colors and transmit strong signal. Make sure to use color film, and make it align with bottom film's forming area.
Adopt high quality stainless steel chain and film clamp drive system. Ensure film clamp's claming force. drive effectiveness and service life.
Optional with powerful waste recovery system to ensure recovery on both sides of the bottom film timely and effective .
Optional with coder or inkjet printer according to user's requirements. Two types of coding methods include cylinder central coding and servo control coding for client's choice.

Main Technical Parameters:

Work capacity200-400 times/hour
Packing materialVacuum stretched composite film,
up film width 400(500)mm,
low film width 420(520)mm. inner bore 70mm
Max. forming dimension375×480×50mm(475×480×50mm)(L×W×H)
Overal dimension7600×1100×1900mm(L×W×H)
Total power380V/220V 50Hz 22kw
Compressed air0.3m3/min Equip by customer:0.6-0.8Mpa
Mould Coolingtap water or recyle water 60L/h
Vacuum exhaust capability160-200m3/h