GD Pre-made bag rotary packing machine unit


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To the bag automatic vacuum packaging machine is my factory independent research and development of new products, the machine can use the robot to automatically bag the bag, automatically distract, automatically print the production date and batch number, automatic feeding, automatic vacuum packaging, complete To achieve unattended operation, the real realization of automated packaging, packaging bag length 100-240, width 70-200, packaging efficiency of 2000-3000 bags per hour, by changing the different feeding structure, you can automatically packaging different materials, Such as: can be equipped with liquid and paste quantitative filling system, the liquid and paste quantitative vacuum packaging, with long said after the powder and bulk materials can be quantitative vacuum packaging, with automatic feeding machine can be on the bulk material side Weighing the side of the vacuum packaging, the packaging machine controlled by the PLC, man-machine interface operation, you can monitor the whole machine, if there is no empty bags and bags and other unusual circumstances, PLC can judge the abnormal situation, and then output abnormal signal , Control the packaging machine to take appropriate measures to avoid waste of materials and bags.

Technical parameters:

Packaging capacity2000P / H
Bag size Bag sizem (m)LxW: (80-240) x (70-200) mm
Power supply electrical source (V)380V three - phase four - wire 3phae 380V 50HZ
Power Total power (KW)12.5
Compressed airPressure 0.6-0.8 flow 0.2 cubic / minute 0.6-0.8Mpa (flux0.2m3 / min)
Vacuum pump500 l / h 500 l / hour
Overall dimensions (mm)LxWxH: 4700x3400x3700
Machine weight (kg)1500
Sealing typeMomentary heat sealing