GZB-500 Reciprocating Automatic Folw Packing Machine
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Reciprocating Automatic Folw Packing Machine is designed for the second packing of the ALU-PVC tablet in the pharmaceutical industry, to improve the moisture resistance and increase the lightproof. This machine adopts PLC to make it programmable. The reciprocating end sealing mechanism, official firmly, cutter lossless expendable, the end closure gusseted device, making bags more beautiful, improving product quality, saving packing costs. Equip with automatic coding device that can print the production date, batch number, expiry date and others on the packaging.

Main Technical Parameters:

Production speed40-160 Bags/min (Depending on packing materials)
Bag sizeLength 80-160mm,Width 40-80mm,Thick 1-60mm
Expand the width of packaging film80-400mm
Packaging MaterialsAluminum foil, Aluminum laminated films, composit membrane
Packaging material thicknessthicknisss range 0.03-0.07mm.
Rated frequency50Hz
Air Compressor>0.15m3/min
Rated voltage220V
Total power3.5kw
Dimensions(L×W×H) 3700×970×1700mm