169 New Generation Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Envelope
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1. The machine is suitable for the non-returnable packaging of the inner and outer bag of small particulate materials such as: tea, herbal tea, health tea grass-root type and so on.

2. Inner and outer bag's film drawing is controlled by the stepper motor, stable bag length and accurate positioning.

3. The temperature controller is adjusted by PID to make the temperature control more accurate.

4. Overall machine movement is controlled by PLC, with human-machine interface display, ensure health of products.

5. Packing materialfilter paper, thread, composite membrane and labels.

Sealing Type: Three sides sealing

Technical Parameters:

Measuring Scope: 3 - 10 g(1.6 ~ 26 ml);

Inner bag size: ( L ): 50 - 70 mm   ( W ): 45 - 80 mm ;

Outer bag size:(L): 80 - 120mm   ( W ): 75 - 95 mm;

Packing Speed: 30-40 bags / min;

Dimension ( L*W*H ): 1750*740*1950mm;

Weight: 550 kg;

Total Power: AC220V/ 50Hz /3.7kw;

Gas source: ≥0.4m³/min.